Pryianka Chhabra

Pryianka Chhabra - lektorka anglického jazyka

I am a hardworking, conscientious person who enjoys interacting with the public. I have lived in Edinburgh since I was born and really appreciate this vibrant, lively city. I Studied Contemporary Art Practice and Art History at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. I am a keen traveller and enjoy photography in my spare time.

I travelled to Ohara Chiba on the East coast of Mainland Japan where I lived and worked on an Organic farm, whilst I was staying with the family, I would take care and babysit their young children. It was an amazing experience being completely surrounded by nature and an alien culture.

Youth worker for, 'Big Fish Little fish'.

This job was as an assistant to the main staff at Big Fish Little Fish it was very rewarding and a lot of fun. This company provides much appreciated leisure and entertainment dance/music sessions for Parents and children all over the UK. Each event lasts about 3 to 4 hours and provides all sorts of activities for the children attending including crafts, face-painting, dance and sports.

I work Part-time as an assistant in Bruntsfield Primary with younger years in Maths, English and Art. This was a great classroom experience and taught me how to build a relationship with my students so I could figure out which teaching techniques worked.